The ZiM 

The purpose of Zero-interest Microfinance (ZiM) is to identify Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) that aspire to integrate a microfinance component within their existing operations. This partnership between the NGO and ZiM will increase the effectiveness of the NGO by providing direct and reliable loans at zero interest to its clients. By forming this alliance with its partners in the field, ZiM promotes the ideas of global citizenship in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of social entrepreneurs.


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Our beneficiaries are any client of an NGO who requires a loan for business startup, education, investment, or community empowerment. The relationship of the NGO with its clients is of utmost importance in evaluating and selecting potential borrowers. The borrower will be required to go through a loan assessment process determined by the NGO that should include income, capacity to repay, business plan, and any other factor that would influence the decision.

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